What is a Haplogroup?

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Sometimes we’ve been doing genetic genealogy for so long we forget what it’s like to be new.  I’m reminded, sometimes humorously, by some of the questions I receive.

When I do DNA Reports for clients, each person receives a form to complete with a few questions designed to give them the opportunity to tell me what their testing goals are and to ask any questions they might have.  One woman asked, “Can you tell me about my psychogroup?”

I thought that psychogroup was particularly appropriate for a cluster of genealogists, especially genetic genealogists, but decided I had better let that one go.

Then there was the person who wanted to know about their hologroup.  I wondered if I needed 3D glasses for that one.

Someone else wondered about their helpgroup.  I couldn’t help but think of introducing myself, “Hello, my name is Roberta and I’m a member of haplogroup J.” …

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Net neutrality? Competition? Free enterprise? All of the above!

Sweet Talk

UPDATES: There’s been good discussion on Twitter regarding this post. I have added updates at the end.


Net Neutrality is great, but there’s an achievable policy that’s even better. Get the solution that provides consumer protection AND entrepreneurial innovation AND good Netflix download rates.


What’s going on?

The news of the day is that President Obama has announced that the FCC should reclassify Internet service providers (like Comcast, Time Warner, and Google Fiber) from “information services” to “common carriers”, essentially transforming them into something more like a utility (like your local Gas & Electric Company) than the competitive business you know today. The FCC is an independent agency, so Obama’s announcement isn’t policy, but of course the President’s words have weight and meaning.

The Problems

Of course, some readers are already scoffing. “Competitive business? What competition? Most local ISP markets are one-provider affairs. There’s no competition from the…

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JFK Story like 9/11?

There is a litany of video on YouTube about the subject of the JFK assassination to view. Like the 911 conclusion that the commission made about terrorism via Muslims with box cutters we are left with doubt at any story told. Conspiracy theory is not theory, if it’s true. I don’t believe the story we were told in either case, not because I follow the others, but because I follow truth, that I can find, to determine a logical reason or answer. All the answers we were given in both of these cases is not logical and begs for alternate possibilities. The bottom line is this, the American people are the ones who suffer from all this. The one reason I dislike our government today, and why today our president has a 39% approval rating, is due to the poor communication it has with its citizens. We are not all idiots, but seem to be treated like we are. My hope is we can find a leader who really cares and that he can remain alive long enough to make the needed changes in this country. There is plenty for everyone to go around. We need our industry and manufacturing back in the USA. Plenty of jobs, money and good living for all. Thanks to our government China leads in this area now. Outsourcing our livelihood was a big mistake. Corporations and leaders win at the expense of poor American citizens trying to squeak by. End corruption and payoffs and our lives will change.

Will we have to wait 50+ year to hear something different? Are there going to be deathbed confessions of another reason that America was attacked that day? Nobody knows, or wait, somebody does know!! The truth, the whole truth and keeping it from us would cause a revolution if found out. This is a sad and pathetic country we now live in thanks to the failed leadership over the past decades. I’m proud to be an American don’t misunderstand me, I am. I’m just not proud of what we’ve become. Why do I not just believe what we’re told and go on with life doing what we’re told? I can’t, is the simple answer. We live in fear and a fear driven society. How else could you control a mass population? Crime for example, is kept lower due to the consequences that you suffer it you’ve broken the law. The same way our country is kept in ignorance bliss, by using fear. Don’t ask questions you are afraid to know the answers to, you just might not like what you find. People go on with day to day living, thinking they will be fine if they just mind their own business and OBEY the law. Obey, Obey, Obey !! We have laws that are good for us to live by and I’m grateful we do else this place would be like the old wild west. Some laws are stupid and geared to benefit the leaders and well to do rather than the masses of citizens who need change. The rest of my thoughts and feelings about this and other matters will follow in the days to come, for now I’m checking out to see if we can get some rest. Untill later, thank you all. Please leave a comment if you read any of this stuff and I’ll consider to go on or not.

World Changes Are Needed

Hi friends, I’m always interested in knowing something I don’t understand or already know about. Lately I’m interested in Physics, Technology and Science in general. Since 911 happened I’ve had a growing thirst for knowledge about Islam, and that has also made me look at what I once believed, Christianity. We seem like were always at war over religion but I found that to not be entirely true. Yes, there have long been wars over religious ideas they alone are not the primary reason we war with others. The simple and short answer is we’re human. We have an ego, greed, hatred, a lust for control and power. So out of the minds of men come evil.

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