Florida, America

Bio: Born in 1959 in NE Ohio of 2 happily married people, raised in South FL. For 42 years, still reside elsewhere in FL. Married for 20 years with no children. I dropped out of HS to obtain GED then 2 yrs of College to study electronics then Computer science.Former believer in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, read, studied the Bible work as evangelist volunteer, currently an Atheist. My curiosity about life has led me to think in more depth about our origins and beliefs. Time and evidence have shown truths to be lies, myths and stories. Too many unanswered questions lead me to seek for a truth. I'm not claiming to know all truth and can only speculate on some topics that Science cannot prove. It's extremely interesting to me researching the mystery surrounding the origin of life and what we've been told to believe, by so called experts. I'm positive we're a society on the verge of a greater issue of separation and division to a larger degree than already exists. Religion is a divider as well as other factors, but religion is key in people's beliefs and faiths and causes life and death circumstances. I'm spiritual and not dependant upon a supreme being to fulfill my life to a satisfactory point. It's more of an interest that I try to write about it than a need to be satisfied by a faith in something. My wish is to help others find comfort in whatever they believe to be it God or not a God. Coming together as a united people to achieve peace and prosperity throughout the world, to end corrupt individuals that are determined to keep us enslaved and divided is my only objective. I have no need for you to believe in what I feel is the origin of life itself, it's ok to have you own ideas, but to get along while doing it.

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