World Changes Are Needed

Hi friends, I’m always interested in knowing something I don’t understand or already know about. Lately I’m interested in Physics, Technology and Science in general. Since 911 happened I’ve had a growing thirst for knowledge about Islam, and that has also made me look at what I once believed, Christianity. We seem like were always at war over religion but I found that to not be entirely true. Yes, there have long been wars over religious ideas they alone are not the primary reason we war with others. The simple and short answer is we’re human. We have an ego, greed, hatred, a lust for control and power. So out of the minds of men come evil.

A surprising amount of world leaders has killed their own populations and not had any faith in a god or gods. The media and current tensions make it seem like the world will end unless we either have a Christian or Islamic belief. The truth is an asteroid could hit and finish us all off resolving many problems we seem to think we have. I do not like what the Muslim extremist is doing in the name of Islam, nor do I think that the Christian belief is the end all correct answer either. Christians are at least more humane than their Islamic rivals. I’m of the idea that I like proof of what is true or not true. There is only one way I know of to find the truth and that’s to disprove one or the other. I’m talking about science and experiments that can give us solid evidence of somethings true existence or not. Seeing is truly believing. When it comes to A God or no God it’s not that simple. There is much to weigh on both sides when it comes to Creation and Evolution. I do however find science to be very logical when making its case for the evolution of man over a magical creator. I know this opinion of mine will disappoint some of my friends and for that I apologize. I cannot just take anything you say to be true and believe it because you’re passionate and convinced it is, or should I say because that’s your belief. I’ve always been a curious child and still question everything, to the point of aggravating people at times.

I think the world would honestly be a better place if there were no religion. Imagine, as John Lennon sang, Imagine a place where there were more people agreeing than disagreeing and fighting. It seems that the more I learn about society the more it feels like the string pullers are purposely putting us at odds with each other. Why, right? Well, bear with me a second here and I’ll explain and try not to sound like a global conspiracy nut. As I mentioned earlier about the reason for wars is human desire more or less. Now, what if this desire were that extreme to want the ultimate and complete, power and control. How could you enslave billions of people and make them do what you wanted them to do? Why would anyone want to control the world, right? Not me, I’m not on that kind of power trip and most people aren’t, but I do believe there are others who do want just that. Our planet does not have an infinite amount of resources to last forever. The population was, is and will always be a problem, as long as there is not enough of what we need to sustain life here. Does this sound a little more plausible now? So think about it, we have Black vs White, that’s an issue. We have a Democrat vs Republican, that’s an issue. There are Islam vs Christians and that is definitely a problem. Army vs Navy, evolution vs creation he’s a Yankee, I’m a rebel it goes on and on, it seems it’s human nature to disagree with each other. We all have our own thoughts and ideas or at least I hope we do. The problem is it’s gotten out of hand and everyone wants to be right. It’s ok to have different opinions, but do we have to fight over it to the death. That would sure make it easier for the string pullers have enough resources to last for lifetimes of their families, but what about the rest of us.

Ok, I’m going back to explain my new belief, I think I’m an Atheist, and that there is no god. Sure makes life a lot easier for me. If I look at hatred for what it is, Evil men then it matters not what a person believes and we need to rid the world of Hate not religion. I know I’m probably never in my life, going to see a world of true peace, and it’s not too late for future generations if we worked on getting along now rather than wait till the nukes come out. Besides, does it really matter if I believe in God or not? Does it make me any different of a person? I’m still me good or bad, it’s my life and I’m not too excited about any afterlife with most people I’ve met, except a few and family. I’ve read the Bible I understand it and choose to not believe it all went down like it’s written. I think it’s a somewhat good moral code to live by the 10 commandments, but the Bible is full of killing and war itself, no wonder we’re the way we are. So why have I spilled myself on Facebook now? I’m just a thinker and I’m getting older and trying to make some rational sense of this place we call home. By the way 93% of all wars were non-religious, in case you were wondering. We do need to nip this Islamic problem in the bud though. They are declaring an all-out war with each and every American vowing to kill every one of us, thinking it’s their God’s wish. If that’s not brainwashed I’m not sure what is.

I don’t trust our government, they lie and I do not believe it’s all in our best interest either. I believe the leader of the free world is not eligible to hold the office, but that’s another Blog moment. That would make a lot of what’s happening now very wrong. The fighting has to stop and people need to get over whatever it is and join together and work on what really matters. Let us feed the hungry and clothe the children of the world, but why not start here at home first, then work our way out to help others as we’re able to. Stop funding the Military industrial complex and the Budget deficit will disappear in no time. We could all live well off and need for nothing. This will never happen till we wake the fuck up and see where being forced to be at odds with each other. Believe it or not, but at least look at the possibility and seek the truth for yourself. Become a critical thinker, ask questions, What, Why, When, How, Who. Well, that’s it for me and please don’t feel sorry for me and my new belief. I’m fine with being an Atheist if one must have a label, I will take that one. There are quite a few of us out here. Pray for me if you must, I thank you.

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